Experience Daylight and Durability with Reynaers SlimLine 68 Windows from Vista Frames 

Unlock the potential of your home with Reynaers SlimLine 68 outward-opening windows, meticulously crafted by Vista Frames, your approved Reynaers at Home partner. These windows embody a harmony of design and performance, with ultra-slim yet robust aluminium profiles that redefine your living spaces with elegance and strength. 

Ultra-Slim Profiles, Maximum Daylight 

The SlimLine 68 system is the epitome of our commitment to sleek and strong window design.  
With a slender sash to frame width of just 65mm, these windows are engineered to maximize natural light, retaining the original daylight experience of your home while providing increased weather resistance and insulation. They are the ideal choice for renovations where maintaining the aesthetic essence is as important as enhancing performance. 

Built for Performance and Style 

As a leading solution perfect for both contemporary and traditional homes, the SlimLine 68 series from Reynaers Aluminium is not just another window - it's a well-balanced system that ensures robust performance without sacrificing the visual appeal. Whether you're looking to mimic the sightlines of original steel-framed windows or introduce a touch of modern sophistication, the SlimLine 68 delivers with its clean lines and versatile design options, including standard or flush frames and a wide choice of colours. 

Innovation in Insulation and Security  

With the ability to achieve U-values as low as 1.1 W/m²K, the SlimLine 68 windows don't just look good – they lead the industry in thermal performance. This exceptional energy efficiency is coupled with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is secured by a window system designed to the most stringent security standards, including PAS24 and Secured by Design accreditation. 

A Product of Excellence and Expertise 

Each SlimLine 68 window is the result of 50 years of global product development by Reynaers. Fabricated and installed by the skilled team at Vista Frames, these windows stand as a testament to the unparalleled dedication to quality and customer satisfaction – a hallmark of our family-owned and run business ethos. 

Choose Vista Frames for Your SlimLine 68 Windows 

At Vista Frames in Hull, we understand that choosing the right windows can transform a house into a home. That’s why we partner with Reynaers to bring you the SlimLine 68 window system – where design integrity, energy efficiency, and security form the foundation of our service to you. 

Looking for a quote? Get in touch!  

Let us help you open up to a new perspective. Contact Vista Frames today to discuss how Reynaers SlimLine 68 windows can redefine your space, or visit us to experience the craftsmanship that sets these windows apart. 
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